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    佛山市航亞鋁業有限公司位于有“鋁材之都”之稱的佛山市南海區顏峰工業區,公司專業研發、生產和銷售工業鋁型材、異形型材、流水線鋁材、散熱器型材、LED 鋁材、等綜合型企業。 公司生產設備齊全,從設計—開?!獢D壓—深加工—表面處理全面服務。公司生產的工業鋁型材已經廣泛運用到電子、家電、燈飾、家具、汽車、交通運輸、機械制造等多個行業。

    公司除了生產 6063 常規合金外,還生產 6063A、6061、6005、6082、6463、6060 等特殊合金,各種合金成分穩定、硬度和強度優良。公司秉承“品質為先、信譽為先、服務為先、讓您滿意”的宗旨,熱誠為顧客服務,不斷向市場推廣新產品,歡迎國內外用戶來函、來電、來樣、來圖、來人訂貨、航亞鋁業恭候您的光臨!



    Foshan HangYa Aluminum Co., Ltd. is located in Yanfeng Industrial Zone, Nanhai District, Foshan City, which is known as the "capital of aluminum". The company specializes in R & D, production and sales of industrial aluminum profiles, special-shaped profiles, assembly line aluminum profiles, radiator profiles, LED aluminum profiles and other comprehensive enterprises. The company has complete production equipment and provides comprehensive services from design - die opening - extrusion - deep processing - surface treatment. It has been widely used in many industries, such as aluminum, furniture, transportation, electronics and so on.

    In addition to 6063 conventional alloys, the company also produces 6063a, 6061, 6005, 6082, 6463, 6060 and other special alloys with stable composition, excellent hardness and strength. Adhering to the tenet of "quality first, reputation first, service first and make you satisfied", the company sincerely serves customers and constantly promotes new products to the market. Users at home and abroad are welcome to send letters, calls, samples, drawings and orders. HangYa aluminum is waiting for you!

    Never give up, benefit sharing, pay close attention to quality, unswervingly, and achieve the purpose of win-win with customers.

    HangYa aluminum is your eternal partner and your forever expected and trusted friend!








    Copyright ? 佛山市航亞鋁業有限公司 備案號:粵ICP備2022133399號
    主要從事于鋁型材廠家,散熱器鋁型材,鋁型材擠壓, 歡迎來電咨詢! 主營區域: 佛山 深圳 廣州 中山 廣東 珠海 東莞 惠州 廣西 上海 服務支持:火箭頭網絡
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